Care Tips for Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures McLean, VA

Thinking about choosing implant supported dentures to replace your missing teeth? This type of denture offers many benefits, which is why this denture choice has become so popular. Properly caring for dentures supported by implants is necessary so they will last for many years.

Why people are choosing implant supported dentures

Wondering why so many people are choosing implant supported dentures? While there are many different types of denture choices to choose from, this denture choice tends to be one of the more popular. Even though it is necessary to undergo minor surgical procedures in order to have implants placed, those who are in need of dentures feel that it is worth undergoing these procedures. A few common reasons for choosing implant supported dentures are that they always stay securely in place, they support good jawbone health and they do not cause any irritation to the gums.

Caring for implant supported dentures

The list below provides information on how to care for implant supported dentures.

Cleaning on a daily basis

Just like one's natural teeth need to be cared for on a daily basis, so do implant supported dentures. It is necessary to brush the dentures using a soft-bristled toothbrush, along with a toothpaste that is approved to use on dentures or a denture cleaning solution. This type of dentures is attached to implants, making it necessary for wearers to take off any removable attachments in order to thoroughly clean them.

Overnight soaking

As with all types of dentures, implant supported dentures need to be soaked either in water or an approved denture-soaking solution overnight. Dentures need to be hydrated at all times, and because they need to be removed from the mouth when sleeping at night, placing them in a glass of water or solution helps them remain hydrated. If the dentures are not soaked overnight, they will begin to lose their shape, which means they will no longer fit properly.

Professional dental cleanings

Dental patients who choose to wear implant supported dentures should have them professionally cleaned at a dental office at least twice a year. Dental professionals have access to special cleaning materials and dental tools that allow them to deep clean the dentures, which is important when it comes to making sure that they are free of any germs or bacteria. This also gives the dental professional a chance to inspect the dentures in order to see if they are in need of any adjustments.

Got questions?

Have any questions about implant supported dentures? Write them down and bring them with you to your consultation appointment. It is essential for those who are in need of dentures to make the right choice, as there are different types of dentures to choose from. It is easy to care for implant supported dentures, which is one reason to make this denture choice.

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