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A common question asked by patients is, “Will my treatment hurt?”. We’ve got good news! Our team is committed to your comfort and a positive treatment experience. We offer our patients the Dental Pain Eraser: a clinically proven, electronic dental anesthesia device that erases discomfort before, during, and after procedures. Our patients love the amazing experience of transforming smiles in our practice.

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How Synapse Dental Pain Eraser Works

If you are considering any dental or orthodontic treatment and are nervous about possible discomfort, we’ve got you covered in our practice! The award-winning, FDA-cleared Synapse Dental Pain Eraser “pen” delivers gentle, electric pulses that prevent and remove discomfort without needles, numbing gels, or drugs, with relief lasting up to 48 hours. This long-lasting relief allows for your comfort with the following:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Orthodontics (braces, aligners)
  • Canker sores

Our Care for Excellence Extends Beyond Our Practice

We know that oral pain can show up anywhere, at any time. To continue a positive treatment experience after you’ve left our practice, we also prescribe the Dental Pain Eraser cutting-edge technology for at-home use by patients. Just apply the device to your tooth or gum, and in less than two minutes – you’ll prevent or relieve discomfort. You can now be pain-free before, during, AND after your appointment.

Patient Testimonials

"Super awesome tool!! I had pain from my braces and I use Synapse and NO MORE PAIN! Thank you!!"


- T Cote

"My son’s pain went from an 8 to a 1 when using it during braces adjustments."


- Maegen Phelan

"Great experience using it the first 48 hrs after getting my braces on. No pain nor discomfort at all. I’m completely amazed!"


- Farah Rivas

"Definitely would highly recommend for patients with sensitivity, discomfort. Great to use when changing out wires."


- BobbieAnn Palardy

"Definitely recommended for any dental discomfort, works quick and more efficiently than any off the shelf pain relief medications."


- Ashutosh Singh

"After like 10 seconds pain is gone! So easy to use. No more pain medicine needed. You can use it as many times as you need without side effects."


- Ruth Figueroa

"The pain eraser gave me immediate relief. I was able to eat foods with no pain and I was in shock at how well it worked."


- Jesse Roberts

"I thought this was some sort of sorcery because of how instantaneous it took the edge off of tooth sensitivity. It has helped me with tooth sensitivity and from simply having sore gums from braces tightening. Ingenuity at its finest. Highly recommend."


- Jillian Felix

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