Esthetic Gum Recontouring

At Novel Smiles in McLean, VA, our team of dentists offers a full range of dental services. Esthetic gum recontouring helps patients who have too much or damaged gum tissue. This service combines the best of restorative and cosmetic services, creating smiles that are healthy and attractive, too.

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a perfect candidate for esthetic gum reshaping. Usually congenital, a gummy smile shows an excessive amount of gum tissue and/or makes otherwise healthy, attractive teeth appear too short.

Sometimes, just a few teeth have too much soft tissue, giving the gum line and odd and uneven appearance.

Additionally, excessive wear due to the passage of time and/or teeth grinding (bruxism) creates a gummy smile. Some medication regimens cause gum tissue to grow to an abnormal size, say experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Whatever the cause, your dentists at Novel Smiles in McLean, VA, can help you achieve the look you want while maintaining your dental and gingival health.

Treatment for excess gum tissue

Our dentists offer an effective dental service called esthetic gum recontouring. Also known as gum reshaping or resurfacing, this comfortable service happens entirely in-office. Most patients need only locally-injected anesthetic. Your dentist will remove just the right amount of tissue to make your smile appear natural with the proper tooth length-to-gum ratio.

Gum recontouring patients typically return to their normal activities the next day. They may consume a soft diet for a few days and perform very gentle brushing and flossing as their gums heal.

Get the smile you want

A beautiful smile you can be proud of is just a phone call away. Contact Novel Smiles for a consultation. Find out what esthetic gum recontouring can do for you. Call (703) 942-8882 today!

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