5 Reasons To Get a Smile Makeover

5 Reasons To Get a Smile Makeover from Novel Smiles in McLean, VAA smile makeover allows you to address concerns you may have with your smile, including but not limited to damaged teeth, stained teeth, missing teeth, short teeth, misalignments of the teeth and jaw, and a gummy smile. This review discusses the benefits of a smile makeover.

Five benefits of undergoing a smile makeover

The most notable benefits of getting a smile makeover include the ability to personalize your treatment plan and improve your smile. This, in turn, can increase your confidence, give you a more professional look, and improve your oral health and function. Of course, the benefits will ultimately depend on your specific treatment goals.

1. Smile makeover treatment is personalized

A smile makeover combines multiple treatments into a single treatment plan. The ability to incorporate cosmetic treatments into a single plan ensures the patient can get exactly what they need in the most efficient way possible. During the consultation visit, the dental professional can discuss treatment goals for the patient and personalize their treatments according to their goals, schedule, and preferences.

2. You can improve your smile

Of course, the main reason people choose a smile makeover treatment plan is to improve their smile overall. There are many ways a dentist can improve a patient’s smile. Some of the more common cosmetic concerns addressed during a smile makeover are stained teeth, chips, cracks, short teeth, uneven teeth, crooked or overcrowded teeth, gum disease, gum erosion, and a gummy smile.

3. A better smile can help with your confidence

There are also psychological benefits to showing off a great smile. The fact is the more confident you are in your smile, the freer you will feel to do the things you love without feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth.

4. You can achieve a more professional look

Every patient has their own reasons for choosing smile makeover treatment. For many, the reason has to do with looking more professional for their job, even if their smile does not affect their confidence level. While ideally, the appearance of your smile should not make a difference, studies have shown that having straight teeth makes one more likely to be perceived as polished and professional.

5. A smile makeover can improve oral health

While the primary focus of a smile makeover is to improve the patient’s smile, it can also improve oral health. For example, placing a dental crown over a damaged tooth not only restores the tooth’s appearance but can also help ensure the tooth does not sustain more damage or become lost.

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Find out more about smile makeovers during a consultation

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